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Lia Romeo is a deft playwright with a wild imagination …. The promise inherent in this play is significant.”

-Kansas City Star (Review, Green Whales, Unicorn Theatre)


“When Goethe wrote, ‘Love is an ideal thing, marriage a real thing,’ he might have drunk from the same glass that Lia Romeo shared with us three hundred years later.

-KCMetropolis (Review, Green Whales, Unicorn Theatre)


“It’s an edgy, daring play that is not easily forgotten.  Recommended.

-Stark Insider (Review, Green Whales, Renegade Theatre Experiment)


Green Whales, by clever and original playwright Lia Romeo, is akin to jumping into a pool of bracing water with a surprise sea creature popping up for a visit.”

-Talkin’ Broadway (Review, Green Whales, Forward Flux Productions)


A valuable reflection on lifea careful reflection on friendship and values in the face of trauma, staged with a meditative consideration.”

-NJ Star-Ledger (Review, The Lucky Ones, Dreamcatcher Rep)


“When it commissioned Connected, HotCity hit the jackpot.  Lia Romeo’s new play is very, very good, a wry, fast-paced look at American life in the age of YouTube, Facebook, online gaming and online dating.”

-St. Louis Post-Dispatch (Review, Connected, HotCity Theatre)

Connected, by Lia Romeo, is a fascinating look at the cyber world we live in today . . . this is an engaging work.”

-Broadway World (Review, Connected, HotCity Theatre)

“The illusion of intimacy found on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. has also bred a sense of isolation and detachment that affects daily in-person encounters. This is the terrain explored in playwright Lia Romeo’s Connected, a play of four loosely-related vignettes that examines this new reality with wit and heart.

-New York Theatre Guide (Review, Connected, Project Y Theatre Company)

Connected held my interest from start to finish, and I found myself riveted as I waited to see what would happen to the sympathetically rendered characters.

-Theater is Easy (Review, Connected, Project Y Theatre Company)

“What’s real, what’s not? Romeo asserts that the line is always shifting. Maybe nobody thinks that “reality TV” involves reality, but her twisting story suggests that Romeo wants us to be wary of real life, too. Reality is the last show that HotCity will present before it closes for good. It’s the right note to go out on — hard-edged and ultra-modern both in style and substance.

-St. Louis Post-Dispatch (Review, Reality, HotCity Theater)

“Funny and very fast-paced…. A great, giddy new play.

-Talkin’ Broadway (Review, Reality, HotCity Theater)

“There is no shortage of great actors, clever directors, and talented composers in New York, but it's rare to find an exciting new writer that has his or her collaborators straining to keep up. Such a discovery is Lia Romeo.

-Theatermania (Review, LoveSick, Project Y Theatre Company)

Playwright Lia Romeo carved a sharp Cupid’s arrow aimed at a young modern audience.”

-CurtainUp (Review, LoveSick, Project Y Theatre Company)

Devour this dark comedic feast.

-KC Metropolis (Review, Hungry, Unicorn Theatre)

Playwright Lia Romeo has the incredible talent for turning something serious into comedy.”

-KC Stage (Review, Hungry, Unicorn Theatre)

A very funny, very modern sex farce.

-The News and Observer (Review, Right Place, Right Time, Stillwater Theatre)

A wonderful circus of twists, turns, and unexpected relationships. (Review, Right Place, Right Time, Renegade Theatre Experiment)

A pick-me-up in trying times.

-Boston Globe (Review, 11,002 Things to Be Miserable About)

A fabulous little book …the perfect gift book, travel companion, workplace Bible (if you still have a job these days), bedtime, airplane, and bathroom reading.  Really, I haven’t yet found a circumstance where the book isn’t appropriate.”

-Buzzine (Review, 11,002 Things to Be Miserable About)

An extensive, ingenious, and very relevant list of anxiety/angst producing situations …. For a humorous look and laugh at what ails you (and the world), this book brings a wry sense of cathartic comfort and companionship.”

-Campus Circle (Review, 11,002 Things to Be Miserable About)

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